The scholarship program at Principia welcomes all degree-seeking prospective students, domestic and international, regardless of national and ethnic origin or citizenship. Each of our scholarships is based on stated criteria, regardless of need. By completing the general application for admission, you will automatically be considered for academic scholarships, the Arthur F. Schulz Alumni Scholarship, and the Founders' Scholarship.

Scholarship Application Deadlines

Scholarship decisions are made at the time of admittance, which means you'll receive a scholarship decision in your admittance letter. We encourage you to apply as soon as possible to be considered for all scholarship awards. Admitted students may submit updated test scores and transcripts for further scholarship consideration until March 1.

First-Time Freshmen

First-time freshmen are invited to apply for admission and scholarships beginning in the fall of their high school senior year. Freshmen are eligible for all scholarships.

Transfer Students

Transfer students are eligible for the Dean’s academic scholarship, the Founders' Scholarship, and the Arthur F. Schulz Alumni scholarship (if applicable).

For questions regarding admission and scholarships, find your admissions counselor here.

Academic Merit Scholarships

Academic scholarships are awarded to students who have demonstrated a high level of academic performance. Based on your admissions information, you may qualify automatically.

Name of Scholarship Annual Value HS GPA** SAT score* ACT score*
Trustee Full tuition 3.9 2030 30
Chairman’s ¾ tuition 3.8 1950 29
President’s ½ tuition 3.7 1880 28
Dean’s ¼ tuition 3.6 1800 27
Renewal GPA

The renewal grade point average for the Trustee and Chairman's scholarships is 3.5. The renewal grade point average for the President's scholarship is 3.4. The renewal grade point average for the Dean's scholarship is 3.3.

*Students are not required to take both the SAT and ACT.

**For more information on how the high school GPA is calculated, please see the Scholarships FAQ.

Arthur F. Schulz Jr. Alumni Scholarship

Annual Value: $4,500
High School/College GPA: 3.0
Eligibility: Children and grandchildren of alumni

Principia College offers the Arthur F. Schulz Jr. scholarship to the children and grandchildren of alumni only. It is available to both first-time freshmen and transfer students. By completing the general application for admission, you will automatically be considered for the Arthur Schulz scholarship. 

Renewal GPA

The renewal grade point average for the Schulz scholarship is 3.0.

Founders' Scholarship

Annual Value: The annual scholarship value varies, with a maximum value of the combined cost of tuition and room.
Eligibility: First-time freshmen and transfer students are eligible.

The Founders’ Scholarship was established to acknowledge those who have demonstrated a significant commitment to Christian Science, good character, academics, and citizenship through participation in varied activities.

Background Information

The Founders’ Scholarship honors Principia's founder, Mary Kimball Morgan, and the dozens of teachers, counselors, coaches, donors, and many others who worked to establish Principia. It honors their service to God and Christian Science, their outstanding character, and their service to Principia and its students, to their communities, and to their country.

Renewal Obligations

Scholarship recipients are required each spring to submit a renewal application that describes their involvement in community service, leadership, and Christian Science. Scholars are obligated to assume positions of leadership on campus, serve the Principia community through community service, regularly attend Sunday School/church or CSO, and show continued improvement in their GPA.

DiscoveryBound Scholarship

Principia College DiscoveryBound
National Leadership Council (NLC) Scholarship

Annual Value: $5,000
Eligibility: National Leadership Council graduates

The NLC Scholarship is awarded to students who successfully complete this selective and demanding four-year program, which emphasizes spiritual growth, leadership, and service.

Note: Recipients of Principia College DiscoveryBound NLC Scholarship can combine their scholarship with a Founders' or academic scholarship.