Principia’s campus may be in Elsah, Illinois, but you’ll find Principia College students studying all over the world. Imagine researching culture in India, studying business in Japan or San Francisco, doing biology field work in New Zealand, or immersing yourself in history in Peru. These are just a few of the abroad and field programs that Principia faculty and staff teach around the world.

Gaining a deeper understanding of other cultures is only one of the benefits of studying abroad. Learning how to live, work, study, relax, and pray together as a cohesive team is as significant and enriching as the academic program.   

You can test your wings as a scholar—not a tourist—in another part of the world for about the same cost as tuition on campus. If you receive financial aid, those funds will apply to your abroad or field program. You might want to bring some extra money for souvenirs, but the basics will be covered just as if you were in Elsah.

Current Abroads